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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Good action of the day? Maybe.

It was nearly 6 p.m. and I got out of the train at Oeiras.
I walked towards the place where people buy their tickets and asked the man how much a monthly train ticket was. "It is 27,60€", he answered. "Thank you, sir. I will be right back", I said. I went towards the cash machine, which was located on the other side of the train station, in order to have some money for the ticket payment, of course. Then I got back to the initial place. The man explained me how I should select the type of ticket I wanted to buy by pressing some simple buttons on the ticket machine. I understood and I went on immediately pressing those buttons. Then someone stepped beside me and I got distracted. It was an Afro-Portuguese guy begging me for some money. I got surprised by the way he looked and talked to me.
"I need 20 cents to buy the ticket to go to Lisbon", he said. I said nothing. I introduced 40€ into the machine and the ticket and the change fell down.
While I was getting my change, the Afro-Portuguese guy told me: "Actually I need some more. I am hungry and I did not ate nor have a shower today." I looked in his eyes and I saw a poor and a sad guy, problably rejected by society. "Well... I cannot do nothing unless believing in his own words. If he is really hungry, then I should help him out", I thought. Helping him out? Yes. This is my mission while I am alive: helping others in order to see a smile on their faces.
Why do I know if he was not a drug addict, for example? I do not know how to explain it well but I believe that I as a human being have something inside me called intuition. Besides, I could hear his stomach yelling with hunger.
"Does 2€ is enough for you?", I asked him. He answered: "Oh, it is not enough".
"And how about 4€?", I asked him again. "Actually, it is not enough again".
"Oh well... Ok. Here is your money, then", I said. "Thank you, my friend. Thank you very, very much". He walked away from the station with a pretty smile on his face.
I asked myself: "Oh my God! What did I do? Did I do something wrong? Was it bad? Was it good?".
Then I decided to go home. While I was walking away from the station I saw the Afro-Portuguese guy at the nearest café buying some juice and something to eat. A smile appeared on my face and I felt like a heroine in this story. Then I walked towards him and said: "You can always count on me, young man. Helping people is my mission and I hope that the amount of money I gave you can be something to satiate your hunger". He answered: "Alright. Thank you so much. Really! It means a lot to me". Mission accomplished!

After saying goodbye to him I walked straightly towards home. During the walking I started to talk with God. I asked him so many questions that I do not even know how to write them here right now. The main question was "God, was it right what I did?". Suddenly a fresh and a strong wind came over me and I felt like I was in a peaceful place or maybe in heaven. It was God's answer. I cannot hear God but in that moment I could feel he was answering my question.
All I felt was God saying that I really did the good action of the day.

What about the amount I gave to the young man? I won't tell it directly. Economically it is a small amount. But if you buy a t-shirt at ZARA, you will figure it out.


  • At September 08, 2006 7:30 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Dearest Daniela,

    Generally, i do not use to write comments about what i read (actually this is my first one), but after reading this article of yours i just could not stay immune.
    Once, my great grandmother told me that i should not regret for being nice to people and do the right thing. But the truth is that, sometimes, we are not always sure whether we are doing the right thing or not. So, i truly believe that following our instincts, in this circumstances, is the best option.
    I'm sure you did the right thing and you should feel very proud of yourself, as well as i do, for having such a GREAT friend like you.
    (I'd like to tell you so much more, but i've got some books waiting for me right now. Gotta go!!)

    hugs & kisses from xana


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