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Friday, October 24, 2008

More than 116 million people - nearly 2% of the world's population - stood up against poverty!


More than 116 million people – nearly two percent of the world population – mobilized at events in 131 countries on October 17-19 as part of “Stand Up and Take Action.” The mobilization, which was ratified by Guinness as breaking the world record for the biggest mass mobilization on a single issue, sends a clear message to world leaders that citizens will not stay seated while promises to end poverty remain unfulfilled. At least 5 million additional people – many in Africa and Latin America— Stood Up at events not submitted before the Guinness deadline.
“In what was undoubtedly the largest global mobilization against poverty in living memory, citizens around the globe put their leaders at the national and global level on notice that their commitments to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 have to be met – no more delays or excuses are acceptable,” said Salil Shetty of the United Nations Millennium Campaign. “Already, world leaders are responding. Mass mobilizations have the power to change the course of history, and we will not stop mobilizing and advocating for action until the Millennium Development Goals are achieved for the poorest people in the world.”
“This is a new kind of action the world is seeing: it’s the local influencing the global. Women in villages in Africa are connecting and joining millions of citizens in other countries and young people are taking ownership of the Millennium Development Goals like never before. Thousands of actions, pictures and messages show a powerful groundswell of determination from ‘We the People’, and that a new global financial architecture must be about equality and gender justice,” said Sylvia Borren of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP) who attended Stand up events in the US this week. “This is a wonderful statement of global determination and commitment to end the injustice of extreme poverty,” said Desmond Tutu, Archbishop of Cape Town and Chairman of The Elders. “116 million people demand the right to food, water, health care, education and a life of dignified work for all. 116 million people have stood together to say end extreme poverty. This message must be heard by leaders everywhere – it cannot be ignored.”
“This show of the mass will of people around the world against the massive injustice of poverty and in support of the Millennium Development Goals this past weekend was moving and powerful — but now it’s up to world leaders to match the passion and commitment of their people and deliver on their commitments ,” said human and civil rights leader Martin Luther King III. “My father proved that when the voices of citizens become too loud to ignore, governments are forced to do the right thing. We’ll keep mobilizing and advocating for change until they do.”
“The largest Stand Up is truly an historic event and as keepers and adjudicators of world records we are delighted to ratify such an important record and make this official,” said Craig Glenday, Editor- in-Chief of Guinness World Records. “We congratulate every individual for taking part in this initiative and welcome them to the family of Guinness World Records.” “This ever increasing number clearly shows that business as usual cannot go on,” said Eveline Herfkens of the UN Millennium Campaign. “Leaders must take note and act now.”

The number of people who “Stood Up and Took Action” as verified by Guinness World Records in each region is as follows:
  • Africa - 24,496,151
  • Arab States - 17,847,870
  • Asia - 73,151,847
  • Europe - 951,788
  • Latin America - 211,250
  • North America - 123,920
  • Oceania - 210,803
  • Total - 116,993,629!!!
(Source: Global Call to Action Against Poverty, October 22,



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